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D & D Country Quilts is a supplier to Mennonite shops, and is called upon to fulfil custom orders for Amish Quilts
Trailing Vines Patchwork Quilt

Trailing Vines Patchwork Quilt

Style #1571-235
Queen Size 93" x 109"

The large Star in this quilt is done in gold and navy prints. The leaves are in tone-on-tone greens to give them "depth". The background print is a soft yellow covered with a richly coloured green ivy. The vines trailing through-out the entire quilt top gives a new look to an old traditional Star quilt. The beautiful hand quilting follows the design of the star and leaves. It also adds subtle leaves along the outside border. We bound this quilt with one of the same navy tone-on-tone print used in the star. Plain navy is used for the backing.

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