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D & D Country Quilts is a supplier to Mennonite shops, and is called upon to fulfil custom orders for Amish Quilts
Iris Bouquet Quilt

Iris Bouquet Quilt

The above quilt pattern (or a similar one) can be COMMISSIONED, but the actual quilt pictured has been SOLD.

Style #1202-533
Queen Size 96" x 109"

The beautiful Center Cameo is a bouquet of Irises. Our colourful Iris swags frame the center cameo and rest on the edge of the bed. We used shades of blue, mauve and burgundy. Our expert hand quilters have quilted a diamond grid throughout the quilt; But, true to the quality of "D & D Country Quilts" work, we have carefully hand quilted more Iris swags on the pillow, sides and end of this quilt. The background and backing are off white. The swag edge is bound in burgundy.

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