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D & D Country Quilts is a supplier to Mennonite shops, and is called upon to fulfil custom orders for Amish Quilts

D&D Country Quilts sprang from the love and bond between my mother, Doris and myself, Donna. I grew up on a small farm outside Mitchell, Ontario. Quilts have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My earliest memory is playing under a quilt that was stretched out in quilting frames in our home. I would lay on the floor watching my mother's needle work rapidly in and out making tiny stitches, as her mother had taught her. As I grew up, my mother patiently taught me how to quilt. I soon learned that the art of those tiny, consistent stitches came only with lots of practice.

I learned how to use a sewing machine by making a quilt. I spent hours selecting scraps of material from a bag of discarded items such as my grandmother's apron, Mom's dress and Dad's shirt. I carefully cut them into 4" squares and began sewing them together in just the right combinations, with the guidance of my mother. Finally, the day came when the top was finished and my mother and I quilted together. I still have my "memory quilt", as I call it. To this day, each square holds a special meaning for me.

  Donna and Dorris - Quilters

Quilt Show & Sale

May 11 & 12

10 am-5 pm

Free Admission

Magnetawan Community Centre

Sponsored by

Knox Presbyterian Church, Magnetawan


I have had many jobs over the years; most of them pertaining to sewing. I have professionally sewn drapery, upholstery, and sweaters. In 1983, while unemployed, I started making crafts and selling them at craft shows in the surrounding area. Quillos, a quilt in a pillow, were very popular then. After making over 600 quillos, I found quilt tops were in demand. I soon began selling quilts, and quilt tops full time.

In 1991, I bought my first house in the country. I opened a quilt and fabric shop out of my home there in 1994 .In 2010, I moved to the Parry Sound area and I reopened my shop. I am constantly expanding my fabric selection..I sell quilts, quilt tops, crib quilts, wall hangings, and fabric to the general public. I am also kept very busy supplying the Mennonite community with quilt tops for their retail stores. My quilts have been sold to individuals from Canada, United States, Austraila, South Africa and all over Europe. We are proud of our wide selection of over 360 different quilt designs. I also design "unique" quilts or wall hangings for our customers. I love the challenge of creating an "original" from my customers' photographs and memories.

My mother, a very young 97 year old, passed away on Dec 14, 2016, She just finished her last quilt on Dec 10, She finished all her work before she left us. She has left a hole in my heart..

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